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'Public vs. Private Face

select works exhibited at ThirdSpace Launch Party

9/16/22, 6-11 pm

2051 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

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WorkingWoman_36x36_Oil on canvas.jpg
a dance to before.jpg


(Oil on Canvas, 36X48”)

Womanhood as a journey.

I was so touched when my sister in law (ten years younger) saw a painting I’d painted 20 years ago and completely felt the emotion of it. She understood the color and lines.

We all travel similar paths as women. We grow from our experiences: this piece illustrates just this. A man and woman partnered in an embrace.

There have been and will be many more embraces and each one will strengthen her and define her. She is the supportive trunk and the memories and partners fade in and out only to give a woman what she needs in that moment and layer her journey as she grows.


'a poet'

(Oil & ink on Canvas, (24 x 30")

Portrait of a native SF poet, Janine Mogannam.

Her stare is reserved. She comes up close, but does not let you in completely.

Instead, her work, her words, are displayed for you to learn who she is.

This moment during our photoshoot inspired me to start a portrait series that contemplates public and private face. Who we are and how heritage, story and what we do shapes who we become.


(36x48, collage and oil on canvas) 

Double mother and child portraits that draw parallels between the artist and her mother. The image tells the faded story of her mother becoming a doctor and PHD while she had children with a war brewing all around her and an eventual escape to a then hungry new Moscow. She is surrounded by dust from fires and the swept away ideologies of a socialist USSR. 
The mother and child to the right stand in the foreground only to fight new battles.

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