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'The Process'
An App targeted to the Costume Design and Production departments in the Film and Theater Industries.

My Role

I conceptualized, researched and designed the UX for the App.

My Process: Fueled by Research

The initial idea behind this app sprung from my experience working as a manager in the Costume Department of a large Performance Organization.

My goal was to create an app for Shoppers. This app would enable quick communication about products that needed to be purchased between the shopper and production supervisors. I was hoping to use technology to improve on the current system consisting of using carbonless copy paper to create and approve PO's.

My Research led me to something a little different, however. The graph below synthesizes the data collected from surveying six women, ranging in age between 22 to 65, working in the Film & Theater industries.



The surveys indicated that very few of the women experienced having to receive permission for a purchase. The experience I had was limited to the organization I had been working in.

Instead, the women polled vocalized a need to minimize the quantity of items they carry while out of the office and a single tool that creates, edits and shares information.

Re-Defining Product

Single App that helps professionals in the Film and Theater Costume Design Industry to create, edit and communicate information between team members for production and archival purposes. 

This App collects Data and funnels it from ideation, to sourcing, to prototype testing and compilation, and finally, documents and catalogues production elements and process for archival and sharing. 

Re-Defining Product


The current competitor for this market provides a service targeting the Film market that enables organization and communication between various art departments.

This App focuses solely on efficiently refining the Costume Production Process for Commercial, Theatrical and Film Productions.

Shared features include the Barcode Scanning Tool.

Refining Key Features

Taking into consideration my research of the Industries' production processes and the survey results, I organized the features that are both feasible and necessary to include for the first version of the "The Process" App.


Features that will be reserved for future versions:

  • Tech add-on that uses a laser to take and store measurements between two selected point (leave your measuring tape at home!).

  • Detects duplicates of a receipt and organizes 'Return' with its original.


  • Calendar reminder for when a return deadline is about to expire (pulled from catalogue of store policies and stored receipts).

  • Pull down Contact Log of all stores and vendors applied to shopping list items and connected to Google Maps.

  • Budget Tracking Features: Creates pie chart of 'where the money went' to makes shareable with Directors and Producers.

Establishing full flow of site.


An App that funnels information for Designers, Stylists, Shoppers, Shop Managers from planning stages to documentation of the production process.

(Items in Dark Gray indicate a V2 Feature.

AI & Sitemap

Sitemap: Flow and connection for entire App

Task Flows & Wireframes: 'Creating a List'

'Creating a List'

'Creating a List': Wireframes

Drag & Drop to Prioritize Items

Task Flows & Wireframes

'Edit & Use a List'

'Edit & Use a List': Task Flow

'Edit & Use a List':  Wireframes

Drag & Drop to Prioritize Items

Complete Tasks & Add Options

Setting Up Looks & Dressing Lists

Setting Up Looks & Dressing Lists: Task Flow

Setting Up Looks & Dressing Lists: Wireframes

Please Come Back Soon to view the Onboarding Experience for this App and to view all User Test Revisions.

(Updates will be posted on Linkedin)

User Testing
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