She Stoops To Conquer
By: Oliver Goldsmith, Directed By: Scott Allen Evans, Scenery By: Yin-chiao Liao, Lighting By: Cecilia Durbin
This production was double and triple cast. As the characters show us, the audience, different sides of their personalities, the actor switched roles, leaving the over sized painted scenic panels in constant motion, each time revealing a new side of each player.

My Role

As the Costume Designer for this particular production I was faced with two nontraditional tasks.

I had to design clothes that followed the historical17th century period structure, but also had an overall contemporary pop culture feel.

Additionally, each costume had to be worn by two different actors with drastically different physical appearances. This proved to be especially difficult because many of the pieces of the costumes came from re-purposed sources.


  • Research conceptual idea, historical period and context of original text

  • Create structure & rules for space and time that combined two periods

  • Research physical needs of performer

  • Construct visual expression of story structure with collaborative creative team

  • Source materials

  • Lead construction of designed products

  • Implement changes to prototypes for final product


  • Visual Expression of Conceptual Story

  • Rough Sketches of design ideas

  • Final Design Sketches

  • Technical Drawings

  • Production Plan

  • Prototypes/ Samples

  • Final Product

  • Documented dressing plan, inclusive of full product details


Organizing the text into scenes, entrances, exits and following all physical elements of production. (shown 1 of 5 pages)

Combining imagery from historical and mood imagery and for character roles.
Thinking about re-purposing and piecing separates into a whole.

Final Designs

Combining all the elements.

Production Photos (Graphic, Marketing, Fine Art & Entertainment Design) (Custom Apparel Brand)

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