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Welcome Page of Tsquared E-commerce Site
Women's e-commerce site that uses customer life stories to inspire new product designs.

My Role

I did the UX Design for the responsive e-commerce site that also featured stories of women's lives.


  • Define user

  • .Research user needs & behavior

  • Conduct Interviews

  • Competitor Research

  • IA

  • Test prototypes

  • Implement testing results to re-design product


  • Brief of research analysis

  • Wireframes

  • Sitemaps

  • Personas

  • User Task Flows

  • High Fidelity Prototype

Competitior Feature Analytics for UXD

Feature Prioritization to define MVP and future versions

Defining User and Research

SquaredStories users are professional women, ranging in age between 27-65 who have disposable incomes and fast-pace schedules. Below are three of the personas created in defining the customer and customer needs.

Feature Prioritization Chart for UXD.

After interviewing five women ranging in age between 27-65, I evaluated their user needs and the features the company's competitors offered.

Competitor Feature Analysis

Tamara_UXD_Persona_Research 1
Tamara_UXD_Persona_Research 2
Tamara_UXD_Persona_Research 3

Establishing Site Structure and IA

Tsquared_UXD_User 2_Sort_IA

I asked target customers to sort and categorize pages in the most personally comprehensive way and to discuss why they made certain choices.

Tsquared_UXD_Female 1_Card Sort

I asked target customers to sort and organize pages in the most personally comprehensive way and to discuss why they made certain choices.

Tsquared_UXD_Card Sort_comparitive u

I asked a non-target user to sort and organize pages in the most personally comprehensive way and to discuss why they made certain choices. In this example an outlier was tested to analyze differences in strategy between men and women.


Sketching out IA Wireframes for Tsquared e-commerce site (post-testing and card sorting exercises).

Sitemaps and User Flows

Initial definition of tasks.

Task Flows for UX Design of e-commerce site.

Establishing full flow of site.

Sitemap & IA used in UX Design of e-commerce site.

Define specific user journeys in detail.


User's journey through the "Shopping" experiece.

Tsquared_UX_TaskFlow_LIUser Shopping

User's journey through the "Shopping" Experience as a "Logged-In" customer.

Tsquared_UXD_TaskFlow_Custom Order

User's journey to create a "Custom Order"

Tsquared_UXD_TaskFlow_Our Story

User's journey through the "Our Story" Path.


Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_Welcome by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_Shopping Gallery by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_Product Page by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_CART by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_Sign In Page by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_Checkout by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_CONTACT Pg. by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_CUSTOM ORDER by Tamara
Tsquared_IOS Wireframe_Questionnaire by Tamara


Wireframes were tested using Invision prototype testing by ten women and two men within the targeted age range, inhabiting coastal cities.

Scroll through some of the page designs below.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 5.29.34 PM
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