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Opening: A flurry of bright tones whirling around as the family, minus Cendrillon, prepare for the ball.

Once the house quiets, Cendrillon falls asleep. She awakens as the moon and stars float from the sky into her room.

As Cendrillon dreams at home, a bright swirl of excitement ensues at the ball.

The Prince's attention is caught when a figure in midnight blue enters the ball.

After their brief meeting, Cendrillon rushes out of the ball.

The Prince follows his elegant partner into the night only to stumble into young Cendrillon. The two meet under a glowing willow tree made of stars and sing of love.

Cendrillon awakens at home the next day with her father. She sips tea and slips in and out of sleep daydreaming about her night encounter with the prince.

We are back in the palace. Now the regal celebration is centered around the prince and his new bride, Cendrillon. The scene is elegant and graceful like the old St. Petersburg tea set that Cendrillon drinks from every day.

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