Seagull Ballet
Re-design of Maya Plisetskaya's original choreography, based on story by Anton Chekhov. This re-design is set in contemporary Pokrov, Russia (a small, lake-side suburb of Moscow).

My Role

Conceptual Design for Setting and Costumes that is socially relevant.


  • Research conceptual idea and 19th century Russian history, politics, art & design

  • Research physical needs of dancer and physical movement of dance

  • Research current socio-political climate in contemporary Russia

  • Construct visual expression of story structure

  • Final Designs for Costumes and Set


  • Visual Expression of Conceptual Story

  • Rough Sketches of design ideas

  • Final Design Sketches

  • Final Presentation of Story and Concept


Studying the dress, culture and space of Pokrov, Russia.

The Youth

The Adults

Setting the Concept and Environment

The above image of the lake in Pokrov became the impetus behind the visual journey for this design. Once we meet the youth of the town, we realize that the origins of the lakeside town could no longer provide its  youth their aspirations and desires.

As the youth try to escape the town, the vertical core in the backdrop pulls tightly away.

Eventually breaking the core and leaving a jagged hole for our hero's final dance.

Final Design


Act I (Meet the Youth)

The Moscovites Arrive

Act II:

Trouble stirs quickly. The city dwellers leave as quickly as they came.

Act III:

Three Years Later. Nina returns from her affair and stirs Kostya to suicide. (Graphic, Marketing, Fine Art & Entertainment Design) (Custom Apparel Brand)

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