Scrap Dance Piece
Modern Dance 2011
Choreography By: Suzanne Beahrs & Cecelia Zhao, Scenic Design By: Marci Mudd, Lighting Design By: Cecilia Durbin

My Role

I did the Costume Design and collaborated on a conceptual story with the choreographer, composer, wordsmen, lighting and scenic designers.


  • Research conceptual idea

  • Research physical needs of dancer and physical movement of dance

  • Research physical attribute of harnesses and other tools required for movement

  • Construct visual expression of story structure with collaborative creative team

  • Lead construction of designed product

  • Implement changes to prototypes for final product


  • Visual Expression of Conceptual Story

  • Rough Sketches of design ideas

  • Final Design Sketches

  • Technical Drawings

  • Production Plan

  • Prototypes/ Samples

  • Final Product

  • Documented dressing plan, inclusive of full product details

Conceptual Story

Collaborating with a creative team, we worked out a conceptual story that set the context and personas of the dancers and their environment.

User + Design

In an effort to create an "alien" shape, I re-sculpted a model of the human form and molded those shapes over figures that are in motion (using stills from rehearsal choreography).

Rough Sketches

Final Design

Production Photos (Graphic, Marketing, Fine Art & Entertainment Design) (Custom Apparel Brand)

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