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‘Mirroring’ (Collage, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 36X 48”)
Double mother and child portraits that draw parallels between the artist and her mother. Tells the faded story of her mother becoming a doctor and PHD while she had children with a war brewing all around her and an eventual escape to a then hungry new Moscow. She is surrounded by dust from fires and the swept away ideologies of a socialist USSR.
The mother and child to the right stand in the foreground only to fight new battles.
My Reach (Oil on Canvas,20X20")
A response to the police brutality that has been placed in the forefront of media (2020). This painting illustrates a couple holding each other and their child. It is meant to draw attention to the fact that mother's of black children can never reach far enough to protect their families. It is a call to action for all mothers to teach their young children about the horrors of systemic racism because no single woman's reach is great enough to protect her child against the world.
Working Woman (Oil on canvas, 36x36)
The dominant figure, a woman in labor, is lost amidst the distortion of space from hospital lights, computer screens and plastic tubing. Only her thick thighs ground her as she pushes. The pain is not beautiful: it drives through her.
partnered (Oil on Canvas,24X24")
A complex grid of the love, companionship and sometimes confinement and loneliness that is experienced in marriage.
iloveus (Mixed Media: collage, watercolor, ink, acrylic, foil overlay and oil on paper, 22X30")
Portrait of husband and wife. A play on the notion of public and private self is displayed within the composition, pose and repetitive linear background. 3D flower overlay and collage reflect the way in which what a person consumes and creates can easily become their identifiers. Overall, warm tones fill the space and are juxtaposed against a rigid and removed pose and composition to indicate a private love. Collage textile prints combine the couples' ethnic backgrounds blending into one.
Closeup displays newspaper clippings, academic writers authored by subject and 3D flowers made from torn fashion ads.
Embrace (Oil on Canvas, 36X48")
A man and woman partnered in an embrace. There have been and will be many more embraces and each one will strengthen her and define her. She is the supportive trunk and the memories and partners fade in and out only to give a woman what she needs in that moment.
Mother and Child (Oil on Canvas,30X40")
Portrait of woman and mother who balances a free spirit with the need for order and balance. She evokes a modern take on the Madonna and Child.
a Poet (Oil on Canvas,24X30")
Portrait of a San Francisco native poet and writer. Her stare is reserved. She comes up close, but does not let you in. Instead, her work is displayed for you to learn.
This was the initial portrait that led me to the the private versus public face portrait series.
a dance to before (Oil on Canvas,20X30")
Portrait of a dancer, illustrator and mother. The subject is caught in between poses, lifting her chignon with a soft and subtle upward motion- a timeless gesture practiced by many a women in bygone eras. She is the coming together of the traditional old world and her carefree modern self.
Her Smile (Oil on Canvas, 24X36")
A smiling face with patched and covered surfaces. She is not perfect, she merges with her ancient roots, but a light spirit draws forward and dissolves the past, the history and challenges.
Nana (Oil on Canvas,24X36")
Portrait of a young girl. Her hurt is displayed in her deep stare and folded gesture. a climbing rail and transitional color story gives us hope of where she is to go.
calm (Oil on Canvas,30X48")
Captures the moment of absolute peace and quiet when you allow yourself to sink down to the bottom of a pool. You are weightless. As a new mother, I yearned for the weightlessness and calm of this sensation.
Peaking-In (Oil on Canvas, 36X36")
The lively and colored life within the dwellings of Santorini- those opposite the pristine sea views and picturesque blue and white views.
Winter Hush (Oil on Canvas,36X48")
Frozen over winter on the Bay. Virginia Beach, VA
Longing, (Oil on Canvas, 24X36")
Body and space reflect the internal experience of subject.
Pomegranate (Oil on Canvas, 18X24")
Pomegranate Still Life. One of the emblems of Armenian culture. The imposing angle and shine of a knife along with bold color leaking from the fruit meant to parallels between the ongoing sorrow and pain of displaced refugees.
Untitled (Oil on Canvas, 30X48")
Nude. She is cold and reserved. The figure turns away and wants to escape from focus.
Nights Faded (Oil on Canvas, 18X24")
Exhibits another sleepless night filled with unending thoughts.
Sleep (Oil on Canvas,18X24")
She is smooth and inviting, but her dreams are filled with dynamic motion. Can she hold on?
Bathtub 1of2 (Oil on Canvas, 18X24")
To dive in and and fade. Her back is a protective shield holding in a downpour of pain.
Bathtub 2of 2 (Oil on Canvas, 24X36"
Second painting of series exposes the internal the the raw external body. Angular and misshapen; there is no longer anything to hide under.
Untitled (Oil on Canvas, 24X24")
Which is the true reflection? Which part of the self dictates the rules of who we are and how we are perceived?
The Pompidou (Oil on Canvas, 36X48")
Taken from a live drawing of Pompidou, the painting displays the museum on a grayed Parisian filled with the bustle and noise of the early morning work day. We are removed as voyeurs.
Asleep (Oil on Canvas, 18X24")
Showcasing the power our dreams and sleep have on our psyches and physical self.
Untitled (Oil on Canvas, 12X12")
A young girl being washed away by all that surrounds her with only a blanket to evoke a sense of mass underneath it. Her face her hair and soon the body with be unrecognizeable.
Sandy Petergof_Oil on Canvas, 24X30"
Children playing in the sand along the water on a gray day in Petergof near St. Petersburg, Russia. A palace is everyones playground in Russia.
Germany (Oil on Canvas, 24X36")
The portrayal of the exterior alludes to the years of story behind the walls of this old building in Germany.
Nude (Charcoal, 24X30")
15 min. life drawing of reclining nude.
Sweet Tea (Oil on Canvas, 18X24")
Still Life with teapot. A portrayal of a Russian kitchen table in the midday over which all politics and life matters would be discussed, but always with a side of fruit.
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