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The places I started in:

Originally Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, I grew up

in San Francisco, CA. From the age of ten I'd

worked towards becoming a Costume Designer.

When I received the opportunity to attend the

Graduate program at  NYU's TISCH School of the

Arts, I moved to New York and continued both

my career and education as a Theater and Film

Designer on the East coast.

   Click on the links below to view Sample Project.

         Costume Design for Ballet

         Costume Design Period Play

         Production & Costume Design for Ballet



Why I love design:

As I grew into the role of a designer, I realized more concretely that for me, design was a means of enabling communication between otherwise  separated people and groups by creating visual environments that encourage a shared emotional or physical interaction.

Although, the format has most recently changed, my goal remains the same: to create visuals that unite people through a shared experience.

   Click Here to view how I practice this via painting and illustration.

The Career Move:

After years of creating and collaborating in Theater and Film, I moved to Los Angeles to start a women's art and fashion forum and became increasingly interested in visual communication in technology.

My research into the subject led me to pursue the study of User Experience/ Interactive Design. In studying the way users interact with products, I became invested in creating the  frameworks that unite humans with a, positive and efficient, shared experience and interaction. 


   Follow the links below to view examples of my UXD work.

         UXD for Mobil App called 'The Process'

         UXD for Responsive E-commerce Site

Fantastic things I've learned so far:

Interestingly, UX design proved to be quite similar to the process of designing for the Entertainment Industries. In both roles the designer studies a persona or character, trying to better understand the person’s needs and experiences. Then, researches the physical product and its uses and, finally, designs a product that follows the demands of a conceptual brand story while configuring the product for the user (whether it is Jane the librarian who needs to buy her groceries online or Janelle the film actress making a re-appearance on the stage).


My experiences and skills from one industry have seamlessly fed the needs of a new career track. Please see my resume for a list of my skills and experiences.


Tamara Arzumanova: Designer and Artist


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